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Assault in Pennsylvania is considered a violent crime and comes in different forms. Less severe assault offenses such as simple assault and recklessly endangering another person are misdemeanor crimes and carry a maximum penalty of up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Serious violent crimes such as aggravated assault are felony offenses and are punishable by maximum sentences of up to 20 years in prison and a $25,000 fine. Unfortunately, many accusations of assault are made by significant others or family members, turning an assault into a crime of domestic violence. Domestic violence offenses have the potential to devastate your reputation, and ruin your future, so it is important to hire a skilled trial lawyer to defend you. Learn more about Mangieri Law’s domestic violence and sexual defense practice here.

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When you are accused of assault or other violent crimes, your reputation and your freedom are in danger. Dedicated trial lawyer and experienced criminal assault attorney Gerard Mangieri has handled violent crimes for over a decade in counties throughout the Harrisburg region. At Mangieri Law, your case will be thoroughly reviewed and given the individual attention it deserves. A skilled criminal defense attorney knows that there is always more to the story than what is written in the police report. Nowadays, the government will use everything in its arsenal to convict you, from surveillance footage and witness testimony, to posts on social media. Knowing what evidence to look for in an assault case, what procedures the police use in their investigation, and how to properly defend against the government’s plan to convict you is vital to protecting your rights. Criminal assault attorney Gerard Mangieri is an effective trial lawyer who has handled more than 75 criminal jury trials in his career and knows how to present the most compelling defense on your behalf. Schedule your free consultation today!


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