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Drug Offense

Due to the scourge of drug addiction, law enforcement and prosecutors have recently stepped up their enforcement of drug offenses. Despite the seeming simplicity of many drug cases, police officers may conduct or conduct investigations that violate your constitutional rights. Colonial Park drug offense attorney Gerard Mangieri has handled countless drug cases over the course of his career. Whether you were imprisoned while addressing a substance dependency issue or have been charged with trafficking illicit substances, you deserve the knowledge and expertise of a qualified defense lawyer who has handled similar cases both as a former prosecutor and today as a criminal defense lawyer. The Mangieri Law's defense for drug charges is covered in further detail.

The seriousness of a drug charge depends on a variety of factors, including:

Police acts that may have violated your constitutional rights, such as the right against arbitrary search and seizure, are frequently included in drug accusations. Even a simple drug crime conviction can have far-reaching effects, like losing employment chances.

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