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DUI Offenses

Perry County DUI Attorney Gerard Mangieri Can Help You Protect Your Rights

A DUI conviction might be disastrous for your family and you. Even a single instance of poor judgment could have lasting repercussions for your future because the law takes DUI very seriously. Avoid defending yourself against a DUI accusation by enlisting the help of DUI lawyer Gerard Mangieri, who has the expertise and experience required to refute the prosecution’s case and obtain the best outcome.

Impaired Driving Penalties

A Tier I DUI is defined as having a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent to.099 percent when driving, being generally inebriated, and being unable to drive safely. Tier II includes offenders with BACs of .10 percent and.159 percentTier III contains offenders with BACs.16 percent or above, those driving while impaired by narcotics, and those who have been engaged in accidents resulting in injury or property damage. If you have more than one prior DUI conviction on your record, DUI may potentially be classified as a felony.

The Right Perry County DUI Attorney Knows How to Defend You Against DUI Charges

Did you know that one of Pennsylvania’s most serious felonies is operating a vehicle while intoxicated? Numerous persons who are accused of DUI have never been detained nor have they dealt with the legal system. When facing a DUI arrest in Perry County, the appropriate DUI attorney can protect your rights.

According to the amount of alcohol in your blood and whether you are under the influence of one or more substances, Pennsylvania law establishes three degrees of DUI charges. If you have had a DUI conviction within the last 10 years or have been in an accident, the penalties for each of these levels, or “tiers,” as they are known, increase. A DUI conviction might lead to a 12-month or longer license suspension and possibly even obligatory prison time. Find out more about the DUI defense work Mangieri Law does here.


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