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Most offenses in Pennsylvania are divided into misdemeanors and felonies under the state’s legal system. Three subcategories of misdemeanor offences are further separated, with the maximum punishment varying for each. Even though in Pennsylvania a misdemeanor charge is regarded as a less serious category of criminal crime than a felony, a misdemeanor conviction can have long-lasting effects on your freedom and capacity to find employment. Mangieri Law is here to assist you in making the best choice possible when it comes to your misdemeanor defense attorney in Colonial Park County.

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Misdemeanor offense classifications and penalties

Misdemeanors can be 1st degree, 2nd degree, or 3rd degree offenses in Pennsylvania. The least serious misdemeanors, those of the third degree, are punishable by a maximum of one year in jail and a fine of up to $2500. The maximum penalties for misdemeanors in the second degree are a $5,000 fine and a sentence of up to two years in jail. The worst penalties, which can include up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine, are associated with misdemeanors of the first degree.

Ungraded misdemeanors, which are misdemeanors of the third degree, are also considered to be a category of offense under Pennsylvania law. Drug possession and a few DUI charges are regarded as ungraded misdemeanors, while the maximum punishments for each of these crimes vary based on the exact offence.

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A conviction for a misdemeanor may have consequences for you that go beyond paying a fee or spending time in jail. For instance, a conviction might bar you from ever possessing or using a handgun. These charges are known as “crimes of domestic violence” and certain misdemeanors fall under this category. You might not be able to acquire a job or a professional license if you’ve been convicted of a misdemeanor.

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Attorney Gerard Mangieri, who specializes in misdemeanor defense in Colonial Park County, has extensive experience litigating criminal matters and is skilled at protecting your rights. Learn more about how Attorney Gerard Mangieri can assist you by scheduling your free consultation with Mangieri Law right away.


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