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Accusations of sexual assault and domestic abuse may seriously damage your freedom and reputation. If you’re looking to be represented in a case like this, the ideal criminal defense lawyer should be knowledgeable about the law and have the necessary skills to support you in court.

Pennsylvania law defines domestic violence as actions between family or household members, sexual or intimate partners, or persons who share biological parenthood, which may include the following:

  • Causing, or attempting to cause physical injury
  • Putting another in fear of imminent, serious injury
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking or continued conduct which puts another in reasonable fear of injury

In Pennsylvania, engaging in sexual activity with another person without that person’s permission is referred to as sexual assault. According to Pennsylvania law, there are many distinct sexual offenses, and if you are found guilty of one of them, many of them call for you to register as a sex offender. In the era of “me too,” it is crucial to have a criminal defense attorney in Cumberland County on your side who is not hesitant to stand up for you in court.

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Not all allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault result in charges. According to Pennsylvania law, defendants accused of sexual assault and domestic abuse may instead receive a variety of restraining orders. Protection from Abuse orders, or PFAs for short, are civil restraining orders that have the power to forcibly remove you from your home, order the seizure of your guns, and even strip you of parental responsibility for your children. Similar limitations on your freedom may also be found in Sexual Violence Protective Orders or SVPOs. A protection order may potentially be renewed and continue for up to three years, depending on the situation. To find out more about the effects a PFA, or other types of protection orders, may have on your life click here.


This is why you should choose Attorney Gerard Mangieri who has more than 12 years of expertise trying domestic violence and sexual assault cases in criminal and family law courts around the Cumberland County area. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you run the risk of suffering long-term repercussions if you plead guilty to a sexual assault or domestic violence charge or consent to the entry of a protection order against you. Contact Mangieri Law right away to arrange a free consultation if you are being accused of sexual or domestic abuse.

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