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Child Support in Pennsylvania

The amount of support a parent is required to pay is determined by the “income shares model.” This model uses a complicated formula that considers a number of factors, including the incomes of the parties, the amount of overnights each party has with the children, and the cost of health insurance and daycare for the children. Additionally, amount of custodial time, potential earnings, and any spousal maintenance payments. 

Child support is very dependent on the amount of custodial time you have and it is important that you work with an attorney who knows the law and will advocate for you. If you are making child custody or child support arrangements, or seeking to change a previous arrangement, contact Attorney Mangieri today for a quote. 

Harrisburg Child Support Attorney

Gerard Mangieri

In Pennsylvania, the law imposes a duty on parents to support their minor children. Separation or divorce is hard on parents, and even harder on children. Child support is critical to minimizing the disruption of your child’s development and stability through these difficult family changes. Even if you were never married to your partner, a parent is still responsible for paying child support. 

An experienced and driven local attorney is essential to a fair outcome in a child support case. Harrisburg child support attorney Gerard Mangieri is respected by his peers and irreplaceable to his clients, having litigated hundreds of cases in court. His experience is invaluable to guiding families through this process. 

What is considered income for child support?

When it comes to child support, the definition of income covers a lot of different potential sources. Under PA law income as it pertains to child support includes: 

  • All regular wages and salary
  • Overtime, Commission Pay, Bonuses
  • Interest earned from investments or ownership of a business
  • Retirement Income, Social Security Disability Payments, Social Security Payments
  • Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation
  • Entitlements to lump sum awards such as legal settlements or lottery winnings


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