Protection From Abuse (PFA)

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A protection from abuse order, also known as a “PFA,” is a civil restraining order that offers individuals who have suffered domestic abuse several types of relief. PFA orders can prohibit family members, significant others, or former intimate partners from having contact with the protected party, order the other person not to enter the protected party’s residence or place of employment, require a person to surrender their firearms to law enforcement, and even temporarily award custody of children. A PFA can remain in effect for a period of time as short as several days, or as long as three years. There are two other types of protection orders, known as Sexual Violence Protection Orders (SVPO’s) and Protection from Intimidation Orders (PFI’s) that cover people who cannot get a PFA.

A PFA is a civil order, but violating a PFA is a crime. The penalties for violating a PFA include a fine up to $1,000, and imprisonment for a up to of 6 months. A PFA is a court order, and may only be changed by a judge. The person who obtains a PFA cannot give permission to the other party to disobey its terms.

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Whether you are seeking a PFA, or you have been served with one, you need an experienced PFA attorney on your side. Attorney Gerard Mangieri has over 12 years of experience dealing with PFA matters in several counties in the Harrisburg area. As a public interest lawyer, Attorney Mangieri obtained PFA’s on behalf of clients seeking protection from domestic violence. As a prosecutor, he tried numerous PFA violation cases, obtaining justice for victims. In private practice, Attorney Mangieri obtains protective orders and defends people who are accused of abuse or violating a PFA.

If you are seeking a protection order, or have been served with a protection order, you need an experienced trial lawyer by your side. Contact Mangieri Law today to schedule your free consultation.


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